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We are a value stock investor with in-house fundamental research through both bottom-up and top-down stock-picking.

Value Investing
We adopt a Value Investing with Catalysts approach. To become our investment candidate, a stock must have a catalyst/theme to drive its share price towards our target price.

We focus on the market and products that we have proprietary expertise or knowledge and are capable of maximizing returns. Our Chief Investment Officer and Portfolio Manager are well versed with the stock markets in the Greater China region, hence our investment targets are primarily stocks listed in Hong Kong and China. We tend to run a concentrated investment portfolio with an optimum position size of 30-50.

In-house Research
We utilize internal and external database, research and regular company visits to analyze, screen and monitor companies that fit our investment criteria. We build out our own asset pricing models, and maintain at least a 3-year earnings projection for core investments that we hold. When necessary, we shall hire independent investigative agencies to perform industry analysis, due diligence on top executives of our core investments.

Active Management
Deep value is always hidden in under-researched, under-valued stocks, hence we tend to favour small-to-mid caps in most market cycles. We do not follow any benchmarks but manage our exposure and cash level in an active and prudent fashion.